Sarah Katherine Lewis (markedformetal) wrote,
  • Mood: maddened

gotta warn you right now, i'm gonna be a total post-beast today

I'm stuck at work and while they ban Facebook and Twitter from our Internet access, they tragically forgot about Livejournal. Ha HA! Blog-happy nerds win again!

Remember when "nerd" was occasionally spelled "nurd"? And then "nerd" won? This was way back in the '80s, kids. Seriously--with a u.

One of my coworkers keeps humming and I want to go over and punch her in the face. Do people really not understand that humming is an aggressive act of total war? NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOU HUM, EVER. Well, maybe your infant child. But if you're at work and you're humming you need to stop now, and never start again. No no no NO to public humming. If this chick doesn't stop humming I swear I'm gonna start white-girl rapping, complete with farty mouth-made beatbox noises.

Oh yes, there will be more. Right now I'm going to go make some coffee and put on a sweater, woo woo.
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